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Solution Print is one of the largest suppliers of compatible consumables in the Russian market. The key strategy of the company is conscientiousness and professionalism in work with our partners. Solution Print represents production of world famous manufacturers, high quality of production and assortment among territory of the Russian Federation and gives the chance to support long-term cooperation with leaders of the market. Unique technologies and the monitoring system of quality, guarantee qualitative production under the optimum price are our constant features. We offer 2 different brands in the market: high-class «Solution Print» and economy class «SavePrint».

We can supply the following goods under trade marks Solution Print and Saveprint:

- Toner cartridges (color and black)

- Ink cartridges

- Photo Paper

- Toner powder


- Chips for toner cartridges


Concerning wholesale purchases and sales you can address:

St-Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: buyer@knit.ru

Tel.: +7 (812) 334-00-77, Fax: +7(812) 327-35-22 with a mark: «wholesale department compatible consumables» 

We will be glad to cooperate with you.

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